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We are staffed with Procuring Heads, R&D Experienced Personnel, Skilled Workforces, Quality Auditors, Marketing and Sales Executives, Packaging Experts and Logisticians. We are working with industrious and diligent team members, they are the strength of the organization.


We have a dream, A dream to create a world with limitless possibilities for everyone. It gives me great pleasure to welcome all the visitors to KHAJURIA QUALITY PRODUCTSwebsite. I am confident that the group information contained through the pages of this website will prove extremely useful and beneficial for all concerned. KHAJURIA QUALITY PRODUCTSLimited as you all know is a well-established Flagship Company operating in the business of steel, cement, pipes and hardware material since 2003. In order to bring more transparency and dynamism to the operations of the company, KHAJURIA QUALITY PRODUCTSventured into Franchisee Business Model. This step has been taken to involve more and more regional steel, cement, pipes and hardware material spread in the vast stretch of the state by encouraging their participation and support in technology transfer / up gradation of their facilities for better productivity levels. Interested parties will find all the important information here to tie-up with us in our innovative Franchisee Business Model. The innovative Stockyard Model is also a refined form of the same concept, which is another step forward for enabling de-centralization of company’s operations towards movement of stocks. The product profiles are also elaborated at length for better insight on the technical details and highlight the Quality benchmarking process undertaken by KHAJURIA QUALITY PRODUCTSto meet the International Standards. The site also reflects the steady growth of our financial standings over a period of time and also highlights the outstanding achievements that have seen us grow to the level of operations that we are today. The positive market indicators including the Brand Awareness, Market share and Profit Margins of the company are also illustrated with graphical visuals for easy comprehension. In a larger sense, this site is a true reflection of what KHAJURIA QUALITY PRODUCTSlooks from the inside, and that is exactly what we want to show to every visitor coming to this website.


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